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5 Tips To Help A Slow Reader

high angle of a boy reading comic book
Not all children enjoy the activity of reading and for some it is a daunting exercise because of a variety of reasons based on delayed development or learning difficulties. Whether you are a parent or teacher seeking answers on how to help a slow reader, using these five basic tips below will hopefully assist in their literacy learning. {TIP 1} The key for any parent or teacher is to stay patient! Just think, if you’re the adult and you are losing it, how much frustration the child is...

Free Education Apps for the Ipad

Finding special education resources for kids can be time consuming and costly. But there is definitely room in any budget for a free education apps list and this comprehensive list we have found is sure to keep any little tech fingers overjoyed while learning. Obviously new apps are being created every day and some of these may end up out of date over time so we would love you to add any you have found in the comments area below. Using technology to assist children in their learning can have...

Asthma Attack Care Tips So Learning Is Not Impacted

Asthma Attack Care Tips
Asthma attacks can restrict your child’s way of life if precautions are not taken and this then can have an impact on their time in school or social interaction activity. The easiest way to take care of asthma is to make certain the symptoms don’t get out of hand, and the regular causes that trigger asthma attacks are avoided. Here’s a few asthma attack care tips that can assist in managing and improving bronchial asthma symptoms. TIP #1 If you have symptoms of asthma,...

A TEACHER’s thought

Without the dedication of great teachers our children wouldn’t be making the milestones they do. As parents, we value the teachers who come into our worlds and make a difference not only to our children’s way of learning but often our own emotional care as well. I am talking about the teachers who treat our children with respect and get just as excited as we do when the social and development breakthroughs happen. Quite often they are the only ones who understand just how much it...

Providing Social Skills to Hearing Impaired Children

Young children sitting on benches and yelling
Children who are deaf or hard of hearing don’t hear all or certain sounds due to an inability to detect these sounds within the ear. They substitute their communication in different ways which may include sign, lip reading, images or text. Some children with a hearing impairment wear hearing aids or have a cochlear implant in order to assist the hearing process. So providing social skills to hearing impaired children sometimes needs to be delivered in more structured ways. The causes of a...

Teaching Children About Rhyming Words

Rhyming words, when pronounced, have similar ending sounds, such as rag and bag, late and date, gold and told. When teaching children about rhyming words the best strategy is to immerse the children in examples of them through playing games and other fun activities such as reading poems, singing nursery rhymes or reading books. Kids will respond differently when they hear stories or songs that are in rhyme because not all children are interested in the same topics. But when they do enjoy what...

Pretend Play to Stimulate Language

Pretend Playing to stimulate language
Using pretend play to stimulate language and introduce vocabulary is a great way to make learning fun and a little easier. It is also a great opportunity to extend the time your child needs to learn certain phrases with repetition. Pretend play doesn’t require much expense either – get out the plastic picnic set or use their toys as extra guests. Using boxes for doll’s cribs or creating doll’s houses is also a very good language activity in itself that helps build...

Choosing Fun Learning Activities For Your Kids

With the hustle and bustle of daily life you can easily allow your kids to play with whatever they want – and it may not necessarily be age appropriate. Choosing Fun Learning Activities For Your Kids doesn’t mean they have to be restricted to only playing when you have time though. After reading an article in box4kids on blogspot  I was inspired to consider a list of great education toys and games that do not necessarily mean you have to participate ALL the time. Building with...

Parents Are A Child’s Best Teacher

Finding the right early intervention services is invaluable to your child’s learning. But parents are a child’s best teacher when it comes to building on those basic concepts that involve play. All the interactions of a parent can be used to help develop basic concepts, fine and gross motor skills within your child with special needs, such as: singing nursery rhymes or talking to your child, through touch, such as patting and rubbing playing with your child, dressing and feeding...

Number Activities For Home

Counting fingers (0 to 5)
Here are some simple number activities for home time if your child is struggling to remember the sequence of digits or identify a quantity. These additional activities are easy to undertake with your children in and around your family home without having to purchase any expensive learning items but if you would like to add some games to add variety have a look at our list of mathematical downloadable activities. Have your child count as far as he/she is able to and then encourage your child to...