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Free Education Apps for the Ipad

Finding special education resources for kids can be time consuming and costly. But there is definitely room in any budget for a free education apps list and this comprehensive list we have found is sure to keep any little tech fingers overjoyed while learning. Obviously new apps are being created every day and some of these may end up out of date over time so we would love you to add any you have found in the comments area below. Using technology to assist children in their learning can have...

Choosing Fun Learning Activities For Your Kids

With the hustle and bustle of daily life you can easily allow your kids to play with whatever they want – and it may not necessarily be age appropriate. Choosing Fun Learning Activities For Your Kids doesn’t mean they have to be restricted to only playing when you have time though. After reading an article in box4kids on blogspot  I was inspired to consider a list of great education toys and games that do not necessarily mean you have to participate ALL the time. Building with...

Learning Science Concepts Can Be Fun And Easy

Quite often the task of teaching science to any child let alone one with special needs can sound daunting. But learning science concepts can be fun and easy. The best method to teaching any child science is to challenge the concepts they have already developed. It not only heightens their curiosity to understand but increases their concentration and development of language to ask questions or explain why. One simple activity I found that is quick and easy to prepare for and won’t break...

Lesson Activities for Autumn

autumn in the park

The air is getting colder but warmer days can still linger so while teaching your child the vocabulary of all the clothing as they need it is a great way to explain the change of season’s weather and the way it makes us feel.


Become a Weather Man

stormy, cloudy

With the change of seasons comes various weather and is a great time to increase a child’s vocabulary or understanding of weather through natural curiosity. Here is a list of science activities that can be done in the home or classroom.


Avoiding the Homework Tantrums

boy reading, laughing, mum, dad
Children learn new things naturally  – just like breathing. The most natural way to build in any learning is by following their interests. We all learned new concepts as young children by exploring through our interests. Then as adults our interests have generally led us to our careers where we continue to learn new information and skills. Learning is a life-long process. If your child is having difficulty learning new concepts try delivering it through their interests – what toys...

Halloween Craft & Cooking Ideas

Here are some great ideas for craft or cooking activities in the classroom or home this Halloween. Instead of buying a heap of lollies how about trying your hand at some of these. Not only is it cost saving but a great learning activity to do with the children. Listing what they need, gathering the items, organising and preparing, following the steps in order – these are just some of the tasks they’ll be required to do! Don’t forget to mention the social interaction and fine...

Learning Through Play

Girl playing in ball bath
The opportunities we see as ‘play’ are actually the vital foundations of mathematical and language concept development. Most parents are now both working and choosing other care options for their child. It is very important when choosing the carer for your child they understand what playtime represents and offer a daily routine that is filled with times to explore with a variety of materials that are child directed and not just teacher instructed sitting on the floor or at the table...