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Improve Learning with Visual Perception Games

Playing Visual Perception Games is a great way to help your child prepare for school. It is also an excellent motivational method to improve learning & motor planning skills of children having trouble remembering or writing alphabet or numerical symbols and the like. Here is a great list of learning activities you could start with and adapt to cater for your child as needed. Pick The Difference Print a simple picture of a person (or photocopy a drawing) 5 times. On each picture change...

Learning Science Concepts Can Be Fun And Easy

Quite often the task of teaching science to any child let alone one with special needs can sound daunting. But learning science concepts can be fun and easy. The best method to teaching any child science is to challenge the concepts they have already developed. It not only heightens their curiosity to understand but increases their concentration and development of language to ask questions or explain why. One simple activity I found that is quick and easy to prepare for and won’t break...

A child with Dyslexia in the Classroom

Having a child in the classroom with dyslexia can be daunting if, as a teacher you are not prepared, or understand the individual special needs of the child. It is important to put in place simple strategies that will not only assist the child to learn but feel accepted in the workplace environment also. Reading is at the foundation of many other subjects of learning at school and a child who finds the task of literacy skills difficult can often fall behind not only in English subjects but in...

Develop Language with Puppet Play

One of the best ways a child can develop language about themselves and the world around them is through puppet play. It is highly motivating, can be kept very inexpensive and relieve some performance pressure since your child isn’t so much focused on producing or retrieving the language. Puppets can be created from material scraps, odd socks and buttons – just about anything around the house can be turned into a motivating language tool. Even using your child’s favorite soft...

Learning Games for Kids

All school-age children love playing games. So why not use these suggestions as fun learning games for kids to reinforce skills without using obvious and boring repetition. Playing educational games at an early age will help your child excel in school with subjects, such as reading, mathematics and science. If you know your child could use some extra help in on a subject, find games that will challenge and reinforce the skills your child needs to improve on. Internet Learning Activities &...

Disability Students Are Bullied More

It isn’t right but it is a fact, according to the latest findings from a study published in Paediatrics, that primary aged children with a disability or health care need is more likely to be the target of bullying in mainstream schooling. Almost 1500 children, their parents and teachers were surveyed and found that 1 in 3 chldren had some sort of extra health care need. When the results of these surveys were then cross examined with school records it was evident that children with...

Avoiding A “Casey Heynes Bullying Incident”

Casey’s bully story could have been any boy’s story. The country is reeling from this video footage because the video speaks volumes more louder than words and what can really happen in playgrounds all over Australia has been now shown to the world. This story fuelled a great debate amongst parents and professionals as to what Casey did was right or wrong. I’m not entering my own views as that is not what I’m writing this article for. What would be more productive to...

Simple & Motivating Activities to Encourage Language or Learning

We all know how motivating lollies or toys are to get our children to clean their room up or behave themselves when out somewhere but have you ever thought to use them in games to encourage the development of language and learning? Children who are having difficulty learning basic concepts or sounds sometimes need extrinsic reinforcement until the ‘inner proudness’ kicks in. As the task becomes easier the extra rewards can be slowly replaced with words of praise. Always keep the toy...

How To Help Your Child Learn The Alphabet

Any new skill takes time and repetition to learn and it is no different when it comes to ABC’s. So we put together a few ideas on how you can help your child learn the alphabet, especially if they need a lot of repetition because they are having difficulty. There are many reasons why a child is having difficulty learning the ABC symbols. – the maturation level of the child in order to concentrate, – the child’s cognitive abilities to enable them to link verbal sounds...

Lesson Activities for Autumn

The air is getting colder but warmer days can still linger so while teaching your child the vocabulary of all the clothing as they need it is a great way to explain the change of season’s weather and the way it makes us feel.