Preschool & Early Stage (4-6yrs)

A child’s biggest influence is their parent at this Early Development Stage. Although they are starting to spend up to 5 days out of 7 in classrooms learning, it is how a parent values learning which influences a child. Special Education Resources For Kids wants parents to ‘share’ learning experiences with their child that are fun and not stressful to either. So the purpose of our games and activities in this section are interactive, child orientated and playful.

At this Early Development Stage of schooling most classroom learning is through games and activities to keep students interested and focused. These activities are great as Teaching Resources, Planning Lessons and Learning Center Games for rotating class groups, reinforce larning or use with Early Finishers.

Our Literacy Products

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Our Numeracy Products

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Society & Environment Products

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Science & Technology Products

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Personal Development Products

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